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Boonton ELKS Lodge, 125 Cornelia Street, Boonton NJ 07005
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Director                                                Rich Evans
Assistant Director                              Cathy Bonadonna 
Board Member                                    Evelyn Krejci
Board Member                                    Karen Cox
Board Member                                    Debbie Nunn
Board Member                                    Greg Cinzio
Board Member                                    George Sullivan
Treasurer                                             George Sullivan/Cathy Bonadonna
Recording Secretary                          Barbara Rogers
Program Coordinator                         Carl Ruocco
Business Manager                             Debbie Nunn
Communications Mgr                        Evelyn Krejci
Recruitment Manager                        John 'Cupcakes' Curran
Quartermaster                                    Trish Gariola
Assistant Quartermaster                   Lynn Evans


The Skyliners Alumni Drum & Bugle Corps want you.  Have you marched DCI or DCA or have just want to play the classic NY Skyliners Charts.  Fill out a Membership Interest Form today.
Drum Majors

Drum Majors
Brad Coleman

Assistant Drum Majors:
Robert "Jomba" O'Conner

Creative Staff

The late Herman "Hy" Dreitzer

Caption Head:        
Bob Relyea

Brass Techs:
Greg Cinzio
Pete Chez
Brad Coleman

Wes Myers
The Late Eric Perrillox

Caption Head:
Wes Myers

Jack Murray
Joe Fontana
Joe Musich
Robert "Jomba" O'Conner

Guard Instructor:
Trish O'Shea 
Visual Staff
Visual Design:
Frank Rodgers
Bob Findley

Honor Guard:
Dolores Burbulak

Board of Directors

Board Member: 2018-2020
Evelyn Krejci
Greg Cinzio

Board Member:  2019-2021
Karen Cox
Debbie Nunn
George Sullivan
The Tradition Continues
American Legion